Corporate Values

  • Integrity

    We value most about honesty and strong moral principles, from individual employee to the enterprise as a whole.

  • Innovation

    Constant improvements on production process, equipments, products, as well as management to improve our employees’ well-being and motivation.

  • Win-win

    We think as a whole - not only our own benefit, but also the entirety of the supply chain and the whole planet’s.

  • Sustainability

    We constantly innovate to make our planet a better place - developing more paper-based cushioning packaging while reducing plastic usage.

Core Competencies

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    1. Equipment Research & development

    - With 20 years of experience in research, design & development, we are able to solve problems in actual production processes or defects in any equipment, in order to produce premium quality products with fast speed.

    - The newly developed equipments for making paper cushioning and 10-layer co-extruded packaging align with the minimization and sustainability trend across the globe, also our equipments for making co-extruded bubble wrap has reached a maximum speed of 110m /min, about 15 - 20m /min faster than other fellows.

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    2. Innovation on Technologies & Products

    - We have core production technologies and products originally created by us - barrier bubble production technology, honeycomb paper mailer production technic etc, these can provide you with an economic yet more sustainable choice.

    - In particular, we have done creep test on our barrier bubble against normal bubble, the result shows that our barrier bubble minimises air leak therefore can provide better cushioning effect against pressure. Also with more recycled resins added as raw material for our bubble products, we are dedicated to reduce the negative impact from plastics to our environment.

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    3. Improvement on Materials

    - All raw materials are supplied by our trusted suppliers that have cooperated with us for many years, and we are continuing sourcing for better

    - We ensure the quality and properties of paper, plastic resins etc have met our standards, try to minimise the cost but never compensate with the quality, therefore reduce clients’ stress and make ourselves more competitive.

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    4. International Partners

    - The business of Beta is operating across the globe, with many years of experience cooperating with renowned customers in China, USA, UK, Canada, Japan and Australia etc.


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