• Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

    - Beta is a manufacturer and we have 2 factories – one in Shenzhen and another in Huizhou, each production base we have about 300 employees.

  • Are you able to provide samples?

    - Yes, we can definitely provide samples; 

    - Plain ones with no printing we can provide 2-3 for free, takes 3 working days; 

    - Customized logo/ printing we need 7-10 working days, the cost can be negotiated according to which product etc.

  • Can you print my logo or other patterns?

    - Yes, you can provide us with your artwork;

    - 4 colors are available for paper surface, and 6 colors are available for poly surface.

  • How many colors you are able to provide?

    - For kraft paper we have 4 colors – golden yellow, manila, natural and white; 

    - For poly mailers we have default color as outside white, inside grey; other colors are customizable upon request.

  • What trading terms can you provide? And what payment terms can you accept?

    - We provide various trading terms including FOB, EXW, CIF, DDU, DDP, FCR; 

    - We accept TT payment terms only.

  • What is your production capability (per month)?

    - Kraft bubble mailer: 30 million/ month

    - Poly bubble mailer: 25 million/ month

    - Poly mailer: 25 million/ month

    - Honeycomb paper padded mailer: 12 million/ month

    - Corrugated paper padded mailer: 20 million/ month

    - Square-bottom paper bag: 3 million/ month

    - V-bottom paper bag: 3.5 million/ month

    - Paper mailer: 3 million/ month

    - Bubble wrap: 7.5 million meters/ month

  • How long is your delivery time?

    - Our usual delivery time will be 3 weeks;

    - We are also able to do 1 week upon urgent request.

    - For products that requires printing for the first time, delivery time will be 4 weeks, as designing and making printing plates takes 1 week.

  • Are you able to use recycled material in your products?

    - Yes, for poly-type mailers or bubble wraps, we can add 30-50% recycled resins;

    - And for paper mailers or wraps, we can use 100% recycled paper.

  • Are your products all biodegradable?

    - Poly products are not biodegradable as they are plastic, but they can be turned into recycled resins for reuse; 

    - Paper products are surely 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

  • Can nylon be added in your bubble products?

    - Yes, upon your request, we can add barrier materials in poly bubble layer.

  • Do you have FSC certified products?

    - Yes we have, there are FSC certified kraft paper to choose from.

  • Are your mailers waterproof?

    - Poly-type mailers are 100% waterproof as they are made from plastics; 

    - Kraft paper with coating can be waterproof, as surface treatment for paper is available as you request.


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